Media Contribution & Distribution Solutions
We provide high quality video transport and distribution solutions for broadcasters, Telco operators and media
companies.  Our solutions include:

Media Contribution - Video and audio transport services combined with datacom and telecom between a
broadcaster's different sites. Transport services are usually provided by telcos or by private networks maintained
for the broadcaster.

DTT Networks - National infrastructure from head ends to transmitters. The infrastructure supports TV distribution
as well as mobile TV, mobile back haul and time distribution.

All-IP DTT Networks - Large scale, all-IP, multi-service infrastructure from head ends to transmitters.

Sport Event Production - The  platform is ideal for transmission of video, audio and data signals between the
venues and broadcast center for sport events.

Sport Event Contribution - Long distance, international contribution of audio and video using ASI, AES/EBU
and Ethernet for connection between IBC and the broadcaster on a continental or global basis.

Virtual IPTV Head End - Network based distribution of IPTV signals to remote operators or other parts of a
service provider network.

IPTV Primary Distributions - Distribution of IPTV signals from central head ends to regional or local head ends
for further distribution into the metro or access network.

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